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Any site milestones, updates and things I find of interest. You get the idea. For the sake of simplicity, I'm using a Twitter widget, rather than have every update on the page, but the most important changes will appear on this page too. If you want, you can subscribe to the RSS feed, and get the news as it happens.

- Minor Changes

Tidied up the odd broken links in BB page (caused by other sites' changes over the years).

Also took down the 'ISP links' to all the Plusnet resources. Frankly, many were obsolete, with Plusnet's CS being what it is these days. Replaced with some diagnostic tools and links. Far better!

- New Layout Goes Live

That's the new layout up and running. I started thinking about it at teatime on Monday the 17th. By bedtime, I had the template selected and pared down to suit. Tuesday evening was mostly about image selection and site layout. On Wednesday evening I wrote up some content, and tweaked the Broadband page to suit.

Thursday evening was spent setting up the ISP links and deciding on how best to integrate social media. I took Friday evening off, and on Saturday I set up the Twitter account and spent some of the day just tidying up some miscellaneous code (page head stuff, RSS, print styles, and looking for typos).

Not bad. All thrown together in about 20 hours.



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